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Eventec Covid-19 Update

[Updated August 2, 3pm]

As you would be aware, Sydney is in the midst of a hard lock down until August 28, unless extended further, which prevents many businesses and industries from operating as usual during this time.

Eventec, during this time remains open but with minimal staff. Eventec falls under warehousing, which is allowed to continue operating during this lock down. Orders will still be shipped, shipments are still coming in.

However, whilst the lock down is in place, no customer is allowed to attend the premises - no exceptions. For local customers, orders can still be picked up strictly on a pre-arranged contact-free basis, but only if the use of a courier is not feasible or practical. 

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this new policy, please contact us directly on 02 9897 3077 or email us at .

Thank you for your cooperation, and stay safe.