High End Systems SolaFrame Studio

High End Systems SolaFrame Studio

The recently announced SolaFrame Studio is set to land at Eventec next week. 

The SolaFrame series are the most advanced and complete line of LED frame fixtures on the market which feature full-frame, four-plane shutters engineered for accuracy and speed. These lights retain the effects packages from the SolaSpot series including:

  • CMY color mixing
  • Linear CTO
  • Fixed and indexing gobo wheels
  • Animation effects
  • Prism, iris and frost

The fanless, convection-cooled SolaFrame Studio prioritizes high quality features, beautiful spectral output and silent operation. The fixture’s 10,000 lumens and full curtain framing are a perfect fit for theatres, concert halls, opera houses, film/TV broadcast studios and houses of worship. With a feature set designed for exquisite projection control and gorgeous color rendering, SolaFrame Studio can quietly steal the scene.

Contact Eventec to see (not hear) the SolaFrame Studio for yourself!