Pro Sound and Lighting Wollongong utilise Event Lighting for The Rubens

Pro Sound and Lighting Wollongong utilise Event Lighting for The Rubens

Wollongong’s Pro Sound and Lighting were recently asked to design and supply the lighting for The Rubens.

“We had no brief for the lighting but we knew it had to be big!” commented Steven Farrugia, Pro Sound and Lighting’s Assistant Production Manager. “We believed we needed the flexibility and versatility of a few different lights in the rig to make sure we can capture every moment of the music. Some parts are slow, sombre and mysterious but some parts are also hard-hitting. The music takes the crowd on a huge journey and it’s great to capture and overdose that with lighting.”

Key to the lighting rig was eight Event Lighting M1H420W hybrid moving heads which Steven describes as having a fantastic output and great gobos that he used to his advantage. For more punch and a great fanned look, he had four Event Lighting M1S150W moving head spots.

Eight Event Lighting PARRGBW12X8 Parcans were at the back down lighting the curtain whilst four Event Lighting PAN4X4X30 were used for a colour wash of the stage and did a good job of lighting the musicians at the front.

Four Event Lighting WIP1320 were used as blinders with Steven remarking that they are RGBW and crazy bright to help to change the mood up a bit.

Thank you to the Pro Sound and Lighting Wollongong team for their continued support. Photos from the show were taken by Tom Healy Photography and information gathered by ALIA.