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Event lighting


This product is discontinued.


  • 400mW RGB (200mW 650nm Red, 50mW 532nm Green & 150mw 450nm Blue) Animation laser with DMX, grating, IR Remote control.
  • This full colour laser creates smooth images and text. Features user selectable themes such as Christmas, Easter, Birthday, Halloween events and many more. It has selectable grating effect which spreads the beams across a very large area. Perfect for hire and productions.


  • Power Supply: AC100~240V, 50/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 25W
  • Fuse: T1.6A 250V
  • X/Y Axis Beam Angle: ±20°
  • Laser Safety Standard: EN60825-1 2007
  • Laser Classification: Class 3B
  • Green Laser Medium DPSS: Nd:YVO4+KTP,532nm
  • Red Laser Medium LD: GaAIAs 650nm,typical
  • Blue Laser Medium LD: InGaN 450nm, typical
  • Beam Diameter:r <5mm at aperture
  • Divergence(each beam): <12 mrad
  • Divergence(total light) :<90 degrees
  • Laser Power:200mW 650nm Red CW, 50mW 532nm Green CW, 150mW 450nm Blue CW
  • Transverse Beam Mode: TEM00  
  • Scanning: ILDA 20 Kpps
  • Condition Temperature: 10~40
  • DMX Connections: 3 pins XLR Male/Female
  • DMX Channels: 22 channels
  • Infrared Remote Control: Yes
  • Net Weight: 1.35Kg
  • Measurement: 216mm x 160mm x 71mm

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