Antari Fog Machine FAQ

Antari Fog Machine FAQ

How do fog machines work?

Antari fog machines use an electric pump to transfer the fog liquid from an external liquid tank into the heater chamber. Electrically pumped machines provide more control over the output. The fog will stay in the air for a few minutes, the exact length varies based on the ventilation of the space and the type of fog liquid used. Antari provides two different liquids, FLR provides a light fog which disperses faster, while FLG creates a denser and longer lasting fog.

Only use Antari branded fog liquids in Antari fog machines, and ensure the liquid type is compatible with the machine. Using other brands of fog liquid, or a wrong machine and liquid combination, can produce dangerous emissions and damage the machine. Consult the user manual for the correct type of liquid to use.

How long will the fog last?

During indoor use, fog will last approximately 10-15 minutes before it is vaporised. The length also depends on the type of fog liquid used.  When used outdoors, weather conditions, especially wind, may cause the fog to disappear quicker.

How do I keep the fog close to the ground?

We recommend using the Antari ICE-101 or DNG-200 fog machines, as they are designed to create low lying fog effects.

How much noise does the fog machine produce?

Fog machines create some noise when in operation. Generally, there are two different sources of noise, the pump, and the fog exiting the nozzle. The pump will make a loud noise when the machine runs out of liquid, do not allow the machine to run without liquid.

Will the fog machine trigger fire and smoke alarms?

It is unlikely that the fog produced by fog machines will trigger fire alarms which activate when a certain threshold of heat and carbon monoxide is reached. However, it is possible that smoke detectors may be triggered, especially when the fog machine is pointed directly at it. Please contact the manufacturer of your fire safety equipment to confirm the mechanism of their alarms if you are unsure.

How long can fog liquid be stored?

Please store fog liquids in a cool, dry area away from direct sunlight. Fog liquid in an unopened container can be stored for up to three years. Opened containers should be used as soon as possible. Ensure the cap is closed tightly.

How do I clean the fog machine?

Cleaning the fog machine regularly will improve reliability. The fog machine should be cleaned after every 40 hours of operation. We recommend running either the Antari C-300 cleaning solution or a solution composed of 80% distilled water and 20% acetic acid through the unit to prevent build-up of particulate matter in the heating element.

The recommended cleaning procedure is as follows:

  1. Empty all fog liquid from the machine. Add cleaning solution to the tank. Plug the unit in and begin warm up.
  2. Run the unit in a well-ventilated area until the tank is almost empty. Do not allow the pump to run dry.
  3. Cleaning is now complete. Refill with fog liquid. Run the machine briefly to clear any cleaning solution from the pump and heater.
  4. Do not operate the fog machine without liquid at any time.

How should the fog machine be stored?

Before storage, run distilled water through the machine to prevent particles condensing in the pump or heater.

It is recommended to test run the machine every month to maintain optimal performance. This consists of warming the machine followed by a few minutes of emission, then running distilled water through the machine.