Moving Heads Made Simple

Moving Heads controlled with the touch of a mouse!

This is a brand new software designed in-house at Event Lighting for the specific use of virtual tracking through a moving light fixture. 


Control Intelligent Lighting effortlessly from your PC in real time.


Set the stage, and have any or all moving heads trace your cursor with ease!

Maintain total control with Manual Override, taking control back to your controller at the press of a button.

After connecting your computer, camera and lights, set the stage!
Select each corner of your stage, setting the screen region and synchronising your cursor with your Moving Head.
Modify any parameter of your Moving Heads! Tilt, Pan, Zoom, even change colours, all with your mouse or trackpad. Control your Follow-Spot all from the comfortability of your device.
With Manual Override, easily set a DMX trigger on your control board to toggle Light Pursuit on the fly. Controlling Moving Heads has never been simpler!


Click Here to View the User Manual