Battery Moving Head FAQ

Battery Moving Head FAQ

Q: Can the Battery Moving Head be used at the same time as it is charged?
A: Yes.

Q: Which power source is used first when an external power source is connected, the battery or the external power?
A: The Battery Moving Head will prioritise using the external power supply to operate the light. This is done in order to prevent the battery charging and discharging at the same time, therefore increasing the longevity of the battery.

Q: What is fast charging?
A: Fast charging allows fast charging when the battery is between 0% and 80% charged, and regular speed charging for the remaining 20%.

Q: Will charging be slower when the Battery Moving Head is used at the same time as it is being charged?
A: No, the power supply is capable of providing enough current to operate the unit and charge it as the same time.

Q: Will the battery capacity decrease after prolonged use?
A: As with all batteries, the maximum capacity will decrease with prolonged use. The battery’s maximum capacity will be reduced after 500 charge cycles.

Q: Can multiple external batteries be connected at the same time?
A: No, only one external battery can be connected.

Q: When an external battery is connected, which power source will be used first?
A: The external battery will be used first.

Q: Can an external battery be used to charge the internal battery?
A: No

Q: How are the external batteries charged?
A: The external battery is charged through an additional cable. When it is connected, the internal battery will be charged before the external battery.

Q: Can I charge the Moving Heads inside the roadcase?
A: Yes, but we recommend leaving the lid open to reduce heat.

Q: How long does it charge the Moving Heads?
A: It takes approximately six hours to fully charge.