Battery Parcan FAQ

Q: How do I charge the Battery Parcan?
A: Switch off the fixture and charge the battery while the light is off. 

Our Battery PAR6X12OB has a charging case. The lid of the case must be kept open, otherwise the battery might overheat, resulting in damage.

Charge the PAR until it is full before operating.

Q: What is the best time to charge the battery?
A: The battery can be charged at any time, because it has protection and memory. We suggest charging to full capacity before use. 

Q: How to prevent over-discharging the battery?
A: The fixture has battery over-discharge protection. For PAR6X12OB, if the battery voltage is under 7.2V, the light will turn off. For PAR4X12B, 
if the battery voltage is under 10V, the light will turn off.

Q: Can the Battery Parcan be used at the same time as it is charged?
A: This is not recommended, because when the light is in operation, it already generates heat. When the battery is being charged, extra heat is generated. The unit has a Lithium battery, which can overheat and reduce the battery's lifespan.

Q: What will happen when the Parcan is connected to mains and is switched on?
A: The Parcan will use mains power, while charging the battery concurrently. 

Q: How should I prepare the battery for long term storage?
A: The battery should be fully charged before storage. The battery must be fully discharged and charged at least once per month, otherwise the battery's lifespan might be reduced.

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