2021 - What a Year!

2021 - What a Year!

Despite all the challenges 2021 has thrown at us all, Eventec has introduced numerous new products, expanding further our range of Event Lighting, Event Lighting Lite and Event Pixels offerings. Furthermore, two new brands have been launched in 2021 - Event Audio incorporating a range of audio cables, and Spark Fabrica covering a range of cold spark machines and the unique KUNGFUPAO.

New products released in 2021 include PIXBOARD LED screens, Festoon lighting in both black and white, LED Strip Tape in RGB and CW/WW, the PROVIDER500 battery base, PAR1X15O par fixture and the GOBO30 gobo projector. Also new in 2021 are new moving heads such as the LM250, LM180BWS, LM75B, LM6X15W in white, and LM75W in white. The KONTROL48 has just arrived, while our new Black Trussing is now almost outselling traditional silver trussing.

UV BarsRack Mount CasesArt-Net nodes and the DIM4 DMX dimmer also recently landed, as were the new MI/MO Series of production LED screens,  and our PIXELPOINTS score board software.

High End Systems have released the LONESTAR moving head, while the first of our new Maximus Trailer Stage is already being trialled on gigs, with another two to land and be assembled early 2022! There are also plans for a smaller economy model of the trailer stage for smaller shows. 

Meanwhile, Antari continues to go from strength to strength, now celebrating over 20 years in Australia.

2022 will see the growth of the Eventec product range continue with new pars (PAR9X12OB, PAR19X12O) and new movers (LM19X30P) amongst other products on the near horizon.

Thank you to all of our clients from the Eventec team. We wish everybody a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!