APC Integration uses Event Lighting fixtures at Pilgrim Church

Event Lighting fixtures at Pilgrim Church

The lighting requirements for the Pilgrim Church were quite challenging.  It was a tight budget not affording us the luxury of using custom lights and the building being over 150 years old had very strict heritage rules that had to be adhered to.  The celling was very fragile and new holes could not be made and lights could not be mounted directly to the plaster.  We needed to find a light suitable to fit in a 200mm hole that could project the 13 meters to the floor while being supported from truss within the roof space.  While it may have been possible to use warehouse lighting it would not be ideal for a building that is multi-use including wedding, concerts, community events and church services.  Fortunately, we were able to find a suitable LED based light that would fit the requirements, provide colour mixing options while remaining within the budget.

 The 26 downlights (Event Lighting PAR12X8A - 12 x 8W RGBA Pro PAR) are controlled from a Dynalite interface connected to a Pharos LPC1 controller allowing us to set unlimited scenes.

The Pharos controller uses DMX via three (Event lighting SPLIT124 - 4-way DMX Splitter) to send signals to all the lights which have the correct terminations at the end of each line.

The 7 front facing stage lights (Event Lighting F100WWMZ - 100W Warm White Fresnel) were mounted within the wings of the building so they could not be seen from the audience as part of heritage requirements.  They were setup on a separate DMX universe controlled from Event Lighting (KONTROL192 - 192 channels DMX controller) for easy operation during events and church services.

The other challenges we had were wiring needed to be hidden or near invisible with much of the cabling and splitters under the floor and in the celling.

The end result is the customer is very happy and will get many years use from this system.  APCI have worked on a number of lighting and theatre control projects and is able to leverage our specialist programming skills to provide unique solutions and smart city projects.

Michael LeVene, ICT Business Manager from APC Integration

Event Lighting fixtures at Pilgrim Church Event Lighting fixtures at Pilgrim Church Event Lighting fixtures at Pilgrim Church