Captivate AV and Event Lighting: Illuminating Calvary Church's Atmosphere

Captivate AV and Event Lighting: Illuminating Calvary Church's Atmosphere

Chris Lang and his team from Captivate AV recently undertook an installation project at the Calvary Church in Brisbane to deliver a versatile and visually stunning lighting design.  

The brief for the installation was clear: they desired a lighting design that was not only visually appealing but also adaptable for potential future relocations or expansions.

Praise and worship are integral aspects of the Church's services, catering to families, youth, and young adults. 

Chris recognised the importance of creating an immersive environment that would emotionally engage the congregation during these moments. He took on the challenge and carefully selected Event Lighting equipment to fulfil these requirements.

The combination of quality, competitive pricing, and an impressive feature set and specifications allowed him to achieve the desired look while remaining within a reasonable budget. The success of the installation can be attributed not only to Lang's skilful design, but also to the reliability and performance of Event Lighting products.

Event Lighting F300WWMZ fresnels were chosen to provide the necessary front wash lighting to illuminate the stage, ensuring the focus remains on the performers. Additionally, static colour lighting was achieved with the use of the Event Lighting PAR12X12 par cans and rotatable barn doors to suit. A combination of LM220BWS and LM19X30P moving heads fixtures added an element of excitement and dynamism to the overall lighting design, resulting in an engaging visual display.

"The Event Lighting products was the perfect choice for the install. Quality, price and service is the key these days and Eventec delivered on all fronts" - Chris Lang, Captivate AV.

The successful collaboration between Captivate AV and Event Lighting has resulted in an installation that not only meets the current needs of Calvary Church but also provides flexibility for future venues and expansions. 

Thank you to Chris and the team from Captivate AV for providing these images!