Carey Baptist Grammar School's Productions Shine Brighter with Event Lighting Upgrade

Carey Baptist Grammar School's Productions Shine Brighter with Event Lighting Upgrade

Carey Baptist Grammar School in Victoria has taken its theatrical productions to the next level with a dazzling lighting transformation. Through a collaborative effort with Event Lighting and Starlite Productions, and the visionary design of Guy Carrison, the school's stages now radiate with state-of-the-art lighting solutions.

The recent production of "Legally Blonde" served as a stunning showcase for the new lighting rig. Event Lighting's innovative fixtures brought the performance to life:

    • 39x Event Lighting PAR12H: These versatile LED Pars washed the stage in vibrant colors, adding depth and dimension. Barn doors ensured a focused, glare-free audience experience.
    • 12x Event Lighting HAVOCH600F Moving Spot: Powerful 600W hybrid fixtures with framing shutters pinpointed performers with precision. Custom theatrical gobos further enhanced the production's atmosphere.
    • 12x Event Lighting HAVOCW19X40 Moving Wash: With their impressive zoom range and outstanding color mixing, these wash lights bathed the stage in rich, dynamic hues.
    • 6x Event Lighting HAVOCH330 Moving Spot: These compact yet potent fixtures delivered dazzling effects and versatility, proving that size doesn't always dictate performance.

Daniel Jow of Starlite Productions praised the collaboration: "The Carey Baptist Grammar team invested time in evaluating the market. We've trusted Event Lighting fixtures since 2014, and always recommend them. Their price, features, and reliability are unmatched. Guy Carrison quickly saw the value and how many fixtures he could integrate for maximum creative impact."

"While some standard gobos weren't ideal for theatre, Event Lighting worked with us to create a custom theatrical gobo package. Now, that's a standard feature we recommend, further enhancing an already outstanding product line."