Event Lighting Architectural Tape in stock

Event Lighting Architectural Tape in stock

The Event Lighting LED flex tape is available in both RGB and CW/WW and sold in 5m rolls. Our LED tape is a professional quality IP67 rated product using COB LEDs and comes with double sided tape for quick and easy affixing to surfaces.

Along with the IP67 options, we have now also landed an IP42 indoor option in RGB (FLEXICOBRGBI).

Power supplies are available in 100W for 5 metre rolls, 150W for 2 x 5 metre rolls or a 400W power supply more suitable for installation purposes. There are RF controllers available for both the RGB and CW/WW tape as well as a DMX controller.

The 5m rolls come standard with connectors fitted, as do the RF controllers and the two smaller power supplies - making for easy and fast set up with no wiring required.

For odd lengths, the flex tape is able to be cut every 25mm. LED spacing is 2.5mm giving the flex tape an almost neon-like appearance.