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Event Lighting Confetti In Stock

Event Lighting's confetti consumables are available in a range of colours, in paper, eco-friendly rice paper, metallic, UV and shapes in bags of 100g and 1kg. To make the most of the confetti, we have handheld tubes and electric tubes. Both are available in 2 sizes, the 40cm which takes 1 x 100g sleeve or 80cm which takes 2 x 100g sleeves. The electric tube requires a shooter while the handheld tube do not. Tubes can be ordered individually and then loaded by yourself with any confetti.

Our range of shooters include the SHOOTERGUN3 which is capable of loading up to 3 tubes in a handheld device is in stock, and SHOOTER1B, a battery operated single shooter.

We also have handheld gender reveal shooters: SHOTBOY and SHOTGIRL. These come pre-loaded with eco-friendly Blue or Pink confetti and powder.