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Event Lighting for This That Festival in Newcastle with Stage Light

 Check out what 32 x PAR9X15O’s look like on the main stage of This That Festival, Newcastle courtesy of our friends at Stage Light!

The festival hosted 20,000 people where Event Lighting products featured across three of the four stages.

On Main Stage, 32 x PAR9X15O were used with Event Lighting Wireless DMX Transmitters to tone the truss surrounding the screens.  The structure was 13.5m high x 31m wide.

Stage 2 also used Event lighting PARs as truss toners, Antari Foggers and Vertical Jet machines.

Stage 3 was ALL Event Lighting Gear including the stage, lights, LED screen and crowd barriers. The VIP structure was also lit by Event Lighting PAR12X8A.

Backstage, Event lighting F2X48 fresnels were used to light the artist interview space and a combination of outdoor battery PARs and PAR12X8A were used elsewhere.

You can see the festival wrap up video here:

Thank you to Stage Light for the on-going support!