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Event Lighting WPRO Series with WDMX & CRMX Back in Stock

We are pleased to announced the Event Lighting WPRO series is now back in stock!

Heading outside? Check out the WPROTXIP/WPRORXIP, these are IP65 rated transmitters/receivers with true1 power input, 5 Pin XLR and omega bracket to suit. 

Keeping it dry? Check out the WPROTRX which is an indoor transceiver with powercon input, 5 Pin XLR in/out and omega bracket to suit. The WPRORX is an indoor receiver with powercon input, 5 and 3 pin XLR outputs and omega bracket to suit. 

Got a rack? Check out the WPROTRXDUO which is a rackmount dual universe transceiver. The unit has powercon in/out and is able to operate each universe independently with both 3 and 5 pin in/out on the rear, keeping everybody happy!

With WDMX G3/G4S and CRMX protocol, these units will work with our existing WDMX items and others with compatible protocols. 

For peace of mind, you'll receive our Event Lighting 3 Year Warranty with service and support here in Australia.