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Event Lighting WPRO Series with WDMX & CRMX Landed at Eventec

We are pleased to announce the WPRO series of Wireless DMX has now landed at Eventec and will be on display at the upcoming Integrate show at ICC Sydney.

This range has 5 brand new products, all of which include WDMX G3/G4S and CRMX protocol, backed by our 3 year warranty.

Heading outside? Check out the WPROTXIP/PRORXIP, these are IP65 rated transmitters/receivers with true1 power input, 5 Pin XLR and omega bracket to suit.

Keeping it dry? Check out the WPROTRX which is an indoor transceiver with powercon input, 5 Pin XLR in/out and omega bracket to suit. The WPRORX is an indoor receiver with powercon input, 5 and 3 pin XLR outputs and omega bracket to suit.

Got a rack? Check out the WPROTRXDUO which is a rackmount dual universe transceiver. The unit has powercon in/out and is able to operate each universe independently with both 3 and 5 pin in/out on the rear, keeping everybody happy!

Contact for further information and pricing.