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LKR Productions Provides Colo high School a Complete LED Lighting Upgrade

LKR Productions completed a full LED Lighting Upgrade to Colo High Schools Theatrette. With a tired run down traditional system it was time for an upgrade. LKR installed fixtures from the Event Lighting range which included:

- 6x M7W15RGBW - 7x15w RGBW LED Wash Zoom Head
- 2x M1S190W - 190w LED Spot Moving Head
- 12x PAR12x12 - RGBWAUV Pro PAR
- 4x F300WWMZ 300w Warm White Fresnel
- 1x Antari Z350 700w Fazer

The system now gives students & teachers lots of opportunities to learn intelligent lighting programming / operation. As well as getting more creative with their lighting states in the space.

Thank you to Lachlan at LKR for utilising Event Lighting. Get in contact with LKR Productions if you need any assistance within your space for upgrades or maintenance -