Monsoons Darwin Upgrade Lighting System with E3 Productions

Monsoons Darwin Upgrade Lighting System with E3 Productions


For over 10 years, Monsoons has been the most iconic party bar in Darwin. When time came to upgrade the lighting system, Jeremy (Fish) Lassemillante came up with system comprised of core products from Event Lighting, Event Lighting Lite and Antari.

The core products chosen from Eventec were:

"We have been using Event Lighting Lite moving head fixtures in our rental department and installations for a period of time now. Their features and price point make it easy to offer a great light show at an affordable price point. Return on investment has also been excellent for our hire fixtures. Eventec have done well at holding stock and providing great backup support when required." - Jeremy from E3 Productions

Jeremy also went on to say "The venue previously could never run haze or smoke machines due to the type of sensors installed. Instead of overhauling the entire fire system, we trialed a CH1 haze machine and tested to ensure the haze didn’t trigger the sensors. Thankfully it didn’t and it ended up being much more cost effective than overhauling the fire system. Not to mention the CH1 produces an extremely smooth and light haze with an amazing hang time. This allows the beams to cut through without the venue feeling Smoky or full of haze."

Other equipment on the installation included:

  • 40 x Dreampix strips
  • 2 x Drivers
  • Ma3 on pc 2port node
  • Custom media server with Resolume for pixel mapping
  • Stream deck XL for control
  • 48 x m12 rigging point
  • 100m steel pipe

The overall result has been a pleased client with a great looking venue. Thank you to Monsoons for the images and Jeremy for the continued support!