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New Event Lighting Parcans Launched

Event Lighting was established over 10 years ago with a vision to bring professional lighting to Australia without compromising affordability and reliability.

We take pride in the quality of our products and ensure they are feature packed and designed with various users in mind.

After launching with the PARRGBW12X8 and PARRGBW5X8 over 10 years ago, we have now officially updated all of the original PAR series fixtures.

A number of key features have been retained while updating certain aspects to provide fixtures which will stay in circulation for years to come. 

These updates include;

  • New double yoke bracket system with omega bracket insert (omega bracket included)
  • Seetronic True1 power in/out on all models
  • Upgraded barndoor kit system for improved functionality
  • Increased DMX Channel Modes including 1CH DMX option for all in this series - Allowing for pre-selection of colour on-board and then 1 channel of DMX controlled dimming
  • Menu functionality to add Wireless DMX modules internally (WDMX Compatible)
  • 5 pin DMX as standard (previous update)
  • Upgraded packaging with added information

Additionally, we have introduced a variable white par which replaces the RGBA model previously offered.

The complete range of new pars includes;

PAR5VW - 5 x 6W WW/CW/A LEDs with 30° Beam Angle

PAR12VW  -12  x 6W WW/CW/A LEDs with 30° Beam Angle

PAR5Q - 5  x 8W RGBW LEDs with 30° Beam Angle

PAR12Q - 12  x 8W RGBW LEDs with 30° Beam Angle

PAR5H - 5  x 12W RGBWAU LEDs with 30° Beam Angle

PAR12H - 12  x 12W RGBWAU LEDs with 30° Beam Angle

PAR12X20H-IP -  IP65 12 x 20W RGBWAU LEDs with 22° Beam Angle & Wireless DMX Included (WDMX Compatible)

All of these fixtures are backed by our 3 year warranty, providing all users peace of mind that their decision to invest in an Australian brand is made with ease.

We would also like to take a moment to thank all users that have invested in these fixtures in the past. Your support has been invaluable and truly a key reason as to how we have been able to grow at such a rapid rate.

Stock is now available, please reach out to our team to discuss utilising these fixtures on-going.