Product Spotlight - Event Lighting Party VIVIDPAR3X4Q

Product Spotlight - Event Lighting Party VIVIDPAR3X4Q


The Event Lighting Party VIVIDPAR3X4Q is the perfect small par fixture for a number of applications. 

Featuring 3 x 4W RGBW LEDs, this compact fixture provides a great amount of light for the small foot print. 

The double yoke system allows for ease of portable use including truss up lighting as it will fit in almost any size truss. 

With the included IR remote, it is easily operated by a user of any skill level. For those wanting more control, there is also 3 pin DMX on-board. 

Retail packaging also makes it a great option for stores wanting to offer their customers an affordable par fixture in store. 

With a current RRP of just $74.9 inc GST, this product provides excellent value and is backed with a 1 year warranty.