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Product Spotlight - PAR9X12OB Outdoor Battery Par

Event Lighting PAR9X12OB
Event Lighting PAR9X12OB
Event Lighting PAR9X12OB

We are launching a weekly product spotlight segment across our social media Mondays and newsletter platform on Wednesdays.

The intention of this is to provide images showing key product information for our new and existing product lines to highlight features that new and existing clients may not be aware of.

First up, we have the PAR9X12OB which recently had a second shipment land with 5 pin DMX as a key change. With the ever growing demand of outdoor fixtures, these professional pars feature 9 x 12W RGBWAU LEDs, WDMX on-board, IR control and include a 3 year warranty.

Taking them on the road? Not an issue with the optional 6 way charging road case.

Contact to confirm current stock and availability or jump on our portal.