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Maximus Trailer Stage for Albury Sound & Lighting over the Easter Long Weekend

Check out our latest not so little Easter miracle for Albury Sound & Lighting! The Event Lighting Maximus trailer stage is available in black or silver and measures 8.54m wide x 6.71m deep. It features wireless remote control for ease of set up and pack down, electric rams, 290mm trussing with the ability to mount PA wings either side and an overall weight of just 3.5 tons. The roof height can go up to 4.5m high from the stage deck and and the staging is compliant with existing Event Lighting stock, facilitating easy expansion to larger stages when required. Staging accessories such as stairs and rails are easily added on.

“Our new Mobile stage put into action today. We set up half the stage for the event complete with audio and lighting.”- Albury Sound & Lighting on Facebook (pictured).

For more information and supply lead time, contact us.