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UVP - UV Paint

UV Paint is also know as black light paint, its a standard in UV Reactive visual effects for Dark Ride Designers/Builders, Haunt Attraction Designers/Builders and most entertainment industries that utilize UV Blacklight effects, including; TV and Motion Picture Studios, Theatrical Productions, Laser Tag Arenas, Blacklight Bowling and Mini-Golf, Night Club and more.

*It is not being recommended for direct use on skin.

Available capacities: 177 ml

Available in the following colours:

 Code Name/Material Safety Data Sheet
UVP2BG Bright Green
UVP2BO Bright Orange
UVP2BR Bright Red
UVP2BY Brilliant Yellow
UVP2DB Deep Blue
VP2DV Deep Violet
UVP2DY Deep Yellow
UVP2HP Hot Pink
UVP2M Magenta
UVP2IB Invisible Blue

Product Specification Sheet Download

For more information, please visit the manufacturer's website