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Wharfedale Pro

Wharfedale Pro Delta-X215 Passive Speaker

  • Birch plywood construction
  • Re-engineered robust crossover design
  • Suitable for touring, rental and installation
  • 1.4″ Exit, 2″ Titanium Diaphragm Compression Drivers
  • Proprietary 90° x 60° Elliptical Wave Guide Horn design
  • Bi-amp and Passive mode switching
  • Extremely durable Rhino Rock finished cabinets
  • Multiple M6, M8 & M10 rigging points and integral tripod stand adapter
  • Trapezoid shape for arrays and stage monitoring
  • Dual spider technology on 18″ woofers
  • Rubberised 4-way handles
  • Dual 15″ 2-way passive 
  • 2.0″ voice coil HF driver
  • 3.0″ LF voice coils
  • 1000 watts AES (RMS)
  • 2000 watts Programme
  • 4000 watts Peak
  • 137 dB Max SPL @ 1 meter


All Delta-X models use premium Baltic birch plywood construction.

Not only does this create a solid and durable cabinet, but it also contributes to the overall sound and character.

Delta-X is also covered in our most durable and hard wearing Rhino Rock paint finish. This ensures that a Delta-X will always look as good as the day you unboxed it.


As with all Wharfedale Pro PA systems, years of expertise is behind a loudspeaker built to last, with thanks to our high standards of quality control.

The Delta-X series are coated in the highest quality Rhino Rock paint finish – a chip resistant texture with a professional, discrete aesthetic whilst being prepared for the rigours of life on the road.


Delta-X features a routed Wharfedale Pro logo.

It is a logo to be proud of. A logo that lets your audience know that the sound of your even will be of the highest possible quality.


Internally Delta-X models have a new crossover design and construction.

Using new component positioning and bracing, the sensitive crossover electronics have been re-engineered to improve long term performance and reliability – even at the highest of volumes.


In BI-AMP mode, two power amplifiers can be used. This gives you the advantage of being able to select the best power amplifier specifications for each driver inside the loudspeaker. In a BI-AMP configuration, an external crossover is used to separate the frequencies and this splits the signal to the dedicated LF amplifier and the HF amplifier. This way, each amplifier is only working on the given frequency range and, in turn, is powering the corresponding driver inside the loudspeaker.

In PASSIVE mode, a single amplifier can be used to power all drivers inside the loudspeaker. The full frequency range is put into the loudspeaker and the loudspeakers’ internal crossover separates the frequencies, delivering the right frequencies to the right driver. In the example of a 2-way passive loudspeaker, this means that the single amplifier is powering both the HF compression driver and the LF transducer. The internal crossover takes care of both the frequency and power separation.

Model Name

Delta X215

System Type



Quasi Three-way

Frequency Response (+/-3 dB)

45 Hz-20 KHz

Frequency Range (-10 dB)

40 Hz-20 KHz

Sensitivity (2.83 v / 1 m)

101 dB

Calculated Maximum SPL @1 m

137 dB

System Rated Impedance

4 Ω

Low Frequency Transducer


2 x 404 mm / 15″

Voice Coil Size

77.1 mm / 3″

Rated Impedance

2 x 8 Ω

LF Power (re:AES2-2012)

2 x 500 w

High Frequency Transducer

HF Driver Type

Compression Driver

Voice Coil Size

50.8 mm / 2″

Exit Size

35.6 mm / 1.4″

Diaphragm Material


Rated Impedance

8 Ω

HF Power (re:AES2-2012)

50 w

Nominal Coverage (H x V)

90⁰ x 45⁰


System Continuous Power

1000 w

System Programme Power

2000 w

System Peak Power

4000 w

Crossover frequency

1.8 KHz

Input Connector

2 x NL4 (speakON Compatible)


Pole Mount


2 on Sides / 1 on Back


Enclosure Material

15 mm Plywood


Rhino Rock

Grille Material & Finish

1.5 mm Steel Black

Dimensions – Unpacked


1135 mm / 44.7”

Width Front

488 mm / 19.2”

Width Rear

299.6 mm / 11.8”


450 mm / 17.7”

Dimensions – Packed


1218 mm / 48.0″

Width Front

558 mm / 22.0″

Width Rear

558 mm / 22.0″


522 mm / 20.6″


Net Weight (kg / lbs)

52.9 kg / 116.6 lbs

Gross Weight (kg / lbs)

59.0 kg / 130.0 lbs