ETC Productions and Event Lighting at The Illawarra Grammar School

ETC Productions and Event Lighting at The Illawarra Grammar School

This year's Christmas performance at The Illawarra Grammar School featured 30 Event Lighting stage lighting fixtures used alongside Martin MAC500 movers and ETC Source 4 Multi Pars. Run through an Avolites Titan Mobile with Fader Wing and Art-Net 8 Way Splitter. Illawarra production specialists ETC Productions successfully designed an incredibly smooth cyclorama wash and provided general stage wash coverage by using a combination of Event Lighting’s 4x1x15W, 2x1x30W RGB COB bars and 5x8W RGBW flat pars.

ETC lighting technician Dave McMahon takes us through the design. “Using the COB fixtures with individual pixel control allowed us to create gentle rainbow effects across the cyclorama. Very positive comments were made by the venue staff about the high quality of the dimming curve of these fixtures during these chases and colour transitions. The remainder of the 2x1x30W COB fixtures were lined across the front of the stage as an LED front wash. This positioning also seconded as roof lighting (as the venue’s roof has a highly reflective surface), and covered the top of the cyc, allowing us to blend colours from the top to the bottom creating ‘candy’ like effects. These fixtures effectively gave us the ability to colour wash actors and performers with emotion on stage, in a way that basic Fresnel stage lighting cannot”.

“Our placement of Event Lighting’s RGBW LED pars in the roof was designed around the key areas where actors/performers were spending most of their time. The white LED was able to give us access to beautiful pastel colours that standard RGB fixtures do not offer. These colours create variety within the wash, and add depth to the cast's skin. The pure whites enabled us to create very bright scenes, and effectively substituted as L201 filtered (Cool White), and Tungsten toned fixtures such as found in conventional lanterns”.

“The overall feedback about the fixtures from the event was outstanding. Many people were impressed with the high quality of the products, and were blown away when they were told about the affordability of the Event Lighting fixtures”. For further product information contact or call (02) 9897 3077. For production details contact ETC on 0421 788 611 or email

The rig included of:

6x Event Lighting 4x1x15W COB Panels

12x Event Lighting 2x1x30W COB Panels

12x Event Lighting 5x8W Quad Pars

In combination with:

4x Martin MAC500s

6x Geni OBY600s

24x Source Four Multi Pars


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