BLOWER6LED Confetti Blower | Now Available | Event Lighting

 EVENT LIGHTING  BLOWER6LED | Confetti Blower with RGB LEDs | Event Lighting

The BLOWER6LED Confetti Blower from Event Lighting is landing this week.

This 1800 W confetti machine equipped with 12x 3 W RGB LEDs will transform any event as confetti is shot into the room while highlighted by
LED-coloured lights.

With a firing distance of up to 6 metres with packed confetti and up to 3 metres with loose confetti your event will look magical with this confetti blower.

Controlled by RF Remote or DMX512 (3-pin XLR), you will be able to take this portable machine anywhere. The BLOWER6LED has 20 – 30 seconds of continuous output, which will fill up your celebration with confetti very quickly.

For more information on the BLOWER6LED confetti Blower click here or to order the BLOWER6LED confetti blower contact our sales team at or call us on 02 9897 3077. 

We are currently stocked with all of your confetti consumables for the BLOWER6LED.