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WIFI800 Only 1 Unit Left in Stock | 30% OFF Standard Purchase Price (Not compatible with the latest iOS)

The Antari WIFI800 is an iOS and Android Controlled Fog Machine and if you are running your phone on an older version of iOS then you are in line for an awesome deal!

Featuring an 800 W Fogger, with less than 2 minutes heat-up time and weighing at 4.1kg, this machine is portable and is flexible for you to take to your next gig. 

The Wifi800 has a tank capacity of 0.8 litres and a Fluid Consumption Rate of 60 minutes per 0.8 litre with 100% Output.

The Liquid used in the WIFI800 is the FLR or FLG Liquid.

Optional accessories are the Z10, Z40, and Z50 remotes. 

Contact our Sales team directly at or call 02 9897 3077 for more information on the WIFI800.

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