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Here's Something Different!... Introducing GOLFGENDER

Expanding Event Lighting's gender reveal range, the GOLFGENDER golf ball set is the newest gender reveal product in Eventec's Effects range.  In addition to the SHOTBOY45 and SHOTGIRL45, these blue and pink powdered filled golf balls are sure to dazzle your customers and their spectators, as they tee off on the driving range and reveal the gender of their newest family member.

GOLFGENDER comes with a set of two 40mm white dimpled golf balls including:
1 x golf ball preloaded with pink non-toxic biodegradable powder and removable pink sticker.
1 x golf ball preloaded with blue non-toxic biodegradable powder and removable blue sticker.
1 x golf tee

Simply choose the relevant golf ball, remove the pink or blue sticker, stake the tee into the ground, place the golf ball on top of the tee, use any golf club to swing and hit the golf ball.  When the ball is hit, the ball will explode with a spectacular puff of coloured powder that reveals the baby’s gender.