JC Entertainment & Events Live Streaming Studio

JC Entertainment & Events Live Streaming Studio

When COVID 19 restrictions hit NSW in June and lockdowns were announced, JC Entertainment & Events on the Central Coast, went back to live streaming.

After packing down the huge 9m x 7m Studio in December that had been used for the majority of 2020, the team at JC was looking for a studio solution that could continue to operate without taking up warehouse space. The key factor with this studio was that it needed to be able to continue to run once lockdowns are lifted and would not impact the warehouse prep area and gear allocations when the gigs return. The only solution was to move into the office.

They designed a setup that would suit small corporate shoots and live acts.

The following Eventec Equipment was used in the setup.

12x Event Lighting Lite PAR12X12L – 12x 12W RGBWAU Parcan with IR Remote
4x Event Lighting PIXBAR12X3 – 12 x 3W RGB Pixel Control Bar
8x Event Lighting F2X48 – Variable Colour temperature Fresnel
1x Event Lighting DMX SPLIT124
Event Lighting Truss 5m x 4m x 2m Structure

 “All the lighting fixtures were already in inventory and have proved to be rock solid and come at a fantastic price point. We also needed to invest in more truss as we didn’t want to be relying on the studio truss for jobs post lockdown.” (James – Owner of JCEE)

Again, after comparing the options in the market, JC found Event Lighting Truss was the way to go. When installing the studio they were really impressed with the truss.

“When you take into consideration the price point and range of truss sizes available it’s a great product for installations or hire. We also liked the ladder style truss which gives us some alternative rigging points.”

Still in lockdown, and the studio has been going non-stop with live performances, award presentations, school workshops, and video shoots.

“We would like to give a shout out to Emanual, Sean, and all the Eventec team for the quick service as always!”

Contact James from JC Entertainment & Events for a professional high-quality live streaming solution for your next online event.