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New Event Lighting DELUGE Series with Battery Option Coming Soon

Expanding on our commitment to IP rated fixtures includes two new products which are on the water and with us shortly.

The DELUGE24X12H and DELUGE24X12BH are both 24 x 12W RGBWAU fixtures with an IP65 rating, WDMX as standard and battery functionality on the 'BH' version.

They are both 25 degrees as standard but are available in a kit with case to hold 4 units, 4 barndoors and 8 diffusion filters (4 x 60*25 degrees and 4 x 40 degrees).

The case to suit the battery unit has a central 240V power rail with True1 input for ease of charging while the powered case has additional space for accessories, allowing them to still be stacked.

Both fixtures also have True1 in/out and 5 pin DMX in/out with the ability to operate the battery unit via power.

There are a number of on-board controls including the use of a timer function, making life easy for production crew.

With our 3 year warranty and competitive package price, you won't find anything else on the market to match!