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Eventec announces a reduced price for Air Guard Disinfection Machines and Fluids.

With the Covid -19 pandemic still impacting venues and businesses around Australia, take advantage of Eventec's pricing for the Air Guard Disinfection Machines and Disinfection Fluids.
Disinfection is a high priority for the public.  It is needed in venues, banks, post offices, libraries, theatres, concert halls and on public transportation around Australia.
The AG-1500 features a high output upshot blast of two metres to spread fog further and fill a bigger space very quickly. The AG-1500 has a 2.4-litre tank capacity and is suited to disinfecting large areas.
The AG-800 is a lightweight, portable, convenient and highly functional disinfection machine,  with a tank capacity of 0.8 litres. 
The AG-800 is best used for smaller areas such as cars, vehicles and small offices.  

Eventec, currently have both models in stock and are ready to ship your order. 
Eventec also has the FLD05, FLV05 and FLE05 disinfection fluids in stock.

Follow the link to compare the fluids

Eventec released a new price list on the 1st of July 2021. 

Take advantage of the price decrease, and order your Airguard Disinfection Machine and Disinfection Fluids today.  
Please visit our website for more information on the Air Guard Disinfection Machines or the Air Guard Fluids.