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New FX Consumable Just landed! Antari UVL01 UV Fluorescent Agent! In Stock Now!


Eventec is excited to announce that the brand new Antari Blue UV Fluorescent Agent that creates ‘Glow in the Dark Bubbles and Snow’ when used with UV light has landed and is now in stock.
The 100 ml UVL01 Blue UV Fluorescent Agent will turn your bubble and snow effects into a dramatic glow in the dark atmosphere. 
Mix one bottle of the Antari UVL01 with up to 5 litres of any Antari Bubble or Snow fluid to turn your snow effect or bubbles into a vibrant atmosphere that will glow in the dark when used with professional UV light.
For more information on this product, including the MSDS or to place an order of Antari UVL01, contact our sales team on

02 9897 3077.