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Wharfedale Pro

Wharfedale Pro WLA-210X - passive line array element


  • 2 x 10″ LF drivers
  • 3″ Neodymium HF compression driver
  • 138 dB Max SPL
  • 15mm / 18mm Birch plywood construction
  • Integral, side plate adjustable rigging system
  • 100° x 10° dispersion
  • 180 watts programme HF
  • 1600 watts programme LF
  • 16 Ω impedance


    DUAL 10"

    At the heart of the WLA-210X are 2 x 10″ custom Wharfedale Pro LF drivers.

    These feature 4.0″ voice coils to ensure high efficiency and high power handling.

    The HF Compression driver is also custom made by Wharfedale Pro. Using a neodymium magnet and a 3.0″ voice coil, this compression driver is coupled to a 100° x 10° waveguide.

    These custom designed transducers are what give a WLA-210X system its incredible sound and power handling capacity.


    Imagine your dream system!  You can configure a WLA series rig to suit your needs!

    To help your design and system preparations, you can download some recommended system diagrams.  These range from small to large and use a selection of our different amplifier ranges. 



    WLA-210X rigging doubles up as an optimised ground stacking system, using the WLA-210XSUB subwoofer as a base.

    Arrays of WLA-210X line array elements can be aimed downwards by as much as 10° to cover audience areas close to a stage, as well as upward by as much as 10° in order to better cover distant balcony seating areas. 



    In BI-AMP mode, two power amplifiers can be used. This gives you the advantage of being able to select the best power amplifier specifications for each driver inside the loudspeaker. In a BI-AMP configuration, an external crossover is used to separate the frequencies and this splits the signal to the dedicated LF amplifier and the HF amplifier. This way, each amplifier is only working on the given frequency range and, in turn, is powering the corresponding driver inside the loudspeaker.

    In PASSIVE mode, a single amplifier can be used to power all drivers inside the loudspeaker. The full frequency range is put into the loudspeaker and the loudspeakers’ internal crossover separates the frequencies, delivering the right frequencies to the right driver. In the example of a 2-way passive loudspeaker, this means that the single amplifier is powering both the HF compression driver and the LF transducer. The internal crossover takes care of both the frequency and power separation.

    AMPS & DSP

    A Versadrive DSP (such as SC-48 FIR) or a DP-N series amplifier with internal FIR filtering is highly recommended to get the most from the system.  Phase, EQ and filtering should be applied and this way, the physics of the system can be truly optimised – delivering that sub-bass, power and clarity that this system can deliver.



    Model Name WLA-210X
    System Type Passive
    Configuration Two-way 2 x 10”
    Frequency Response (+/-3 dB) 65 Hz – 20 KHz
    Frequency Range (-10 dB) 60 Hz – 20 KHz
    Sensitivity (2.83 v / 1 m) 102 dB
    Calculated Maximum SPL @1 m LF:135 dB HF:138 dB
    System Rated Impedance 16 Ω
    Low Frequency Transducer
    Size 2 x 260 mm / 2 x 10”
    Voice Coil Size  65 mm / 2.5”
    Rated Impedance 8 Ω x 2
    LF Power (re:AES2-2012) 2 x 400 W
    High Frequency Transducer
    HF Driver Type Compression Driver – Neo
    Voice Coil Size 75 mm / 3.0”
    Exit Size 35.56 mm / 1.4”
    Diaphragm Material Titanium
    Rated Impedance 8 Ω
    HF Power (re:AES2-2012) 80 W
    Nominal Coverage (H x V) 100° x 10°
    System Continuous Power LF:800 W HF:90 W
    System Programme Power LF:1800 W HF:180 W
    System Peak Power LF:3600 W HF:360 W
    Crossover frequency 1.5 KHz
    Input Connector 2 x speakON compatible
    Hardware Integral side plate adjustable
    rigging 0°-10°
    Enclosure Material 15 mm / 18 mm Plywood
    Finish Rhino Black Paint
    Grille Material & Finish 1.2 mm Black Steel
    Dimensions – (Unpacked)
    Height Front 314 mm / 12.4”
    Height Rear 240.2 mm / 9.46”
    Width 760 mm / 29.9”
    Depth 504 mm / 19.84”
    Dimensions – (Packed)
    Height 404 mm / 15.9”
    Width Front 855 mm / 33.7”
    Width Rear 855 mm / 33.7”
    Depth 594 mm / 23.4”
    Net Weight (kg / lbs) 34.8 kg / 76.6 lbs
    Gross Weight (kg / lbs) 38.5 kg / 84.7 lbs


    Download user manual