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Hands On

IP Rating Guide

How to Setup PIXBALLS2 with ARCW

This video shows how to setup the PIXBALLS2 system with the ARCW programmer / 4 universe controller. The ARCW is also able to program and control the entire Event Lighting architectural range.  

How to use DMXRT Recorder/Trigger with DMXRTWALL

Learn how to setup the DMXRT recorder and trigger and record a show using an external DMX controller. Connect the DMXRT to DMXRTWALL and trigger shows externally with manual and automatic triggers.

Battery Moving Head FAQ

Q: Can the Battery Moving Head be used at the same time as it is charged?A: Yes.Q: Which power source is used first when an external power source is connected, the battery or the external power?A: The Battery Moving Head will prioritise using the external power supply to operate the...

AirGuard - Advantages of Heated Fog Fluid

The majority of disinfectants on the market are not heat resistant. When exposed to high temperatures, they either lose their antibacterial properties or produce toxic nitrogen oxides and chlorides, which is harmful to human health and the environment. Commonly used disinfectants such as hydrogen peroxide, quaternary ammonium, hypochlorous acid and...

AirGuard - Comparison of FLD/FLV/FLE Fluids

Here is a quick description of the differences between FLD, FLV and FLE fluids for AirGuard Disinfection Machines.

Clearing up the fog.... What's the difference between a Haze, Faze and Fog Machine?

Find out more about the differences between fog, haze and faze machines.

Information for Antari AirGuard Disinfection Machines

The AirGuard AG20, AG700, AG800, AG1500 and AG3000 are light weight, portable, convenient, and highly functional Disinfection Machines.

How to Change Gobos

  This video explains how to change Gobos in Event Lighting fixtures: M1S80W, M1S180W, M1S190W, M1H200W, M1H300W, M1H420W.

How to Pair and Unpair Wireless Transmitters and Receivers

We've prepared two videos to help you learn how to pair and unpair Wireless DMX transmitters and receivers as well as answer some frequently asked questions.

Antari Fog Machine FAQ

Some frequently asked questions and answers about Antari fog machines.

Health risks by using incorrect fog fluids

All Antari fog fluids are propylene glycol based. Find out the difference between propylene glycol and ethylene glycol based fluids, and how they can impact your health.

Battery Parcan FAQ

Here we answer questions related to battery Parcans, including safety considerations and best practices for battery longevity.

How to unpair wireless DMX pancans

How to set up master slave through wireless DMX

How to use the moving head DMX recorder

Yes that’s right Event Lighting Moving Heads have a DMX record function. This can be assigned to auto or sound active modes for simple and convenient operation for end users.